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Immigrant Advocates: Thank Obama for Trump's detention centers.


Can't wait for the Democratic spin on this...............


Mark it down: This was the weekend a significant portion of the internet discovered that the United States locks up immigrant families. A 2014 story about family detention circulated on Twitter, with many media figures embarrassingly indicating they thought the story was new. Fox News knocked the error, and President Donald Trump tweeted about it too.

The reality is that family detention—the practice of detaining entire family units in special centers designed just for them—is not new. For years, immigrants’ rights advocates have pushed for an end to the practice, which existed during George W. Bush’s presidency and expanded dramatically under President Obama.
Obama was making money off locking up women and children "migrants".

“The purpose of separating the children from the parents is the same goal as the Obama administration, with the idea that they’re going to deter future would-be migrants from coming with their children,” he said.

The Obama administration dramatically expanded family detention space after a surge of immigrant mothers and children came to the border in 2014. It was so prevalent that private prison companies have cashed in on the practice. In a 2015 shareholder report, officials with the private prison company CoreCivic—then known as Corrections Corporation of America—boasted that a new contract in Texas to detain mothers and children would boost its yearly revenue by $49 million.