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Iowa man kills rabbit for dinner - gets 2 years prison.

Killed it with a stick but so what?

mar 3 2020 An Iowa man was given a two-year prison sentence last month after beating a rabbit to death with a stick and beheading it at an animal shelter late last year.

Bobby Carothers, 64, was arrested in December after staffers at the Des Moines shelter found the rabbit Petunia in a "beyond gruesome" scene. They identified Carothers as the last person to leave the building.

"I'm having rabbit stew tonight," Carothers told an Animal Rescue League (ARL) employee as he was leaving the shelter, court records show.

Carothers was open about his crimes, telling the arresting deputy he used a stick to kill the rabbit and then cut off its head, records said.

Carothers told the arresting deputy he was hungry when asked why he killed the rabbit, court records said.


Captain Fokke
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Killed it with a stick but so what?
I used to raise rabbits to eat, easiest way to dispatch them is to hold up by the back feet and take the head in your left hand with fingers under the chin and the thumb on the back of the skull and you sharply pushdown with the thumb while lifting up with the fingers, , snaps the neck and severs the spine. Quick and painless for the bunny.