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Is Anarchy a good idea??


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Someone being in charge is not the same as someone terrorizing everyone else into submission by means of police, courts, and prisons. The state is a relatively recent and increasingly obsolete innovation. And prior to the historically short-lived chiefdoms it replaced, the people “in charge” were just those who were most respected, who exerted a natural authority without compulsion.
I doubt this is the case; I believe this is the idea behind the Romanticism philosophy of individuals like Rousseau, but everything I have heard is that even in the case of "hunter-gatherers", there exists "coercion" or "informal systems" of government.

As an example, a hunter-gatherer tribe "the Sentinelese" have been reported to kill outsiders, so even though they live "as close to nature" as possible, it is apparent that "force and coercion" are in their nature.