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It appears a federal judge just repealed all our immigration laws

The pizza-worker is guilty of being here illegally and another judge ordered him to leave years ago but this judge says i'm gonna let him stay for a while !! Are there any federal judges who DON'T take bribes from the illegal alien lobby??

June 10 at 2:13 PM
A federal judge has given a last-minute reprieve to a New York restaurant worker who was fast-tracked for deportation this month after he showed up at an Army base with a delivery of pasta and the wrong type of ID.

Pablo Villavicencio, along with his wife and two young American daughters, has become a live chip in the political fight over deportations since he was arrested on a years-old immigration warrant less than two weeks ago

Villavicencio entered the United States illegally in 2008, in his mid-20s, according to the New York Times. He has committed no crimes since then, a spokeswoman for Immigration Customs and Enforcement told the newspaper, but an immigration judge ordered him to leave the country in 2010.

Instead, he got married and started a family in New York — where local laws somewhat shield undocumented immigrants from federal authorities, even as President Trump’s administration detains thousands of people it accuses of entering the United States illegally.

Not everyone was sympathetic to Villavicencio. “He promised a judge that he would leave the country within two months, and instead he chose to stay for eight years,” Jim Geraghty wrote in the National Review. “He might be a swell guy with adorable daughters, but … what should be the consequence of not keeping a promise to a judge and defying a legal order for nearly a decade?”