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It's February, and soon


it will be spring. Or as people in Michigan prefer, Pothole season. Several years ago, a poster here remarked about Michigan roads during a trip he made up here. But he got it wrong. It wasn't the Democrats who were running the state, it was the Republicans. Rick Snyder was the Governor, and the legislature was controlled by the Republicans. Snyder got the legislature to raise the gas tax, and increase the registration fee, claiming the roads would get fixed. He also raised the limit trucks could carry on Michigan roads, higher than the limit set by the Federal Government. Don't blame the party, blame the candidate.

If you're sensitive to profanity, don't watch.

Yeah, Pure Michigan alright. Gretchen should run these videos if the Republicans in the Legislature think the roads are less important than some ad about fishing.

Well now they have Gretchen Whitmer to fight with over fixing the damn roads. They have yet to come up with a plan, and the roads? See for yourself.

Think I'm lying? This is one of our freeways actually recorded by a driver. He probably destroyed his camera during that short recording.

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Think I'm kidding? This is from MLive. Whitmer suggested a $0.45 tax increase in the gas tax to fund fixing these damn roads, and the legislature laughed. Funny thing is MDOT said it would take $0.80 increase to fix these damn roads. But we just keep kicking this turd down the road, and it's getting more expensive by the year. But hell, in Lansing they continue to run on "I want to cut taxes!"