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It's Now Apparent Why Biden Chose Kamala Harris

The events (train wreck) that has unfolded over the past 8 months, has answered a question for all of us. Kamala Harris got picked for Vice President as a way for Biden to secure himself from being impeached. It's actually the same reason why Obama chose Biden. So politicians would be so sickened by the thought of him becoming president, Obama would be safe from impeachment.

So Biden wanted a woman of color for Vice President, huh ? Well, he could have picked Tulsi Gabbard, who stood on the same stage as Biden and Harris at the Democrat primary debate, but didn't call Biden a "racist" as Harris sure did. Gabbard, who is Samoan, is a woman of color, seems likeable, is 100 times better looking than Harris, has great military credentials (17 years Hawaii Army National Guard last rank of major, veteran of service in Iraq & Kuwait, and member of the Army Reserve).

BUT, Tulsi Gabbard wouldn't fit Biden's scheme of things. She appears too likable, unlike the generally disliked Harris, who couldn't get past the first round of primary voting, and was the first Democrat to drop out. That makes her the perfect choice for Biden, whose perspective is entirely what is good for Joe Biden, America be damned.

Now that we see the destruction and carnage that Biden has dumped upon America, and previously only Joe Biden could have forseen how bad it would be, we see also the jig saw puzzle pieces fitting precisely. Want to know what Joe Biden is going to do ? Just calculate what is going to be the most efficient thing for putting money in Joe Biden's big pockets, and allow him to buy more mansions, make more money from speaking engagements, more deals with foreign countries wanting US accomodations, etc. The last thing to look at is what might be good for the United States. Remember Biden is a globalist. To him, there IS NO United States, or any borders of it. All the world is one big place for him to endeavor to get himself and his family richer from.

How five members of Joe Biden’s family got rich through his connections (