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I've said it time and again.

sensible don

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You asked for ya go. Pirro lied.
again - stop with the facts - you see how quickly they were dismissed - as usual


Didn't Judge Jeanie get busted multiple times for blatant lies on air - no wonder the cult base loves her so much - they embrace lies like grandchildren !

So yah let's all rally around Jeanie as I am sure this time - she is telling the truth - just like the cult leader greatest loser

hey now who all did she sleep with to get where she is today, could you imagine being intimate with Roger Ails - gawd she was hard up wasn' she

Interesting theory....Whether or not there is any truth to it I cannot say. Makes for fun conversation though, and irritates the easily irritated.

What I do know is that, whomever is running this administration, they'd made some serious missteps. I don't imagine too many wish to claim the 'credit' for those.


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Seriously, all that over the existence of an office or Pirro lying about it when the topic is who is running the country. Which is more important in your opinion?
you asked for proof...
She lied. I proved it.


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Pirro went to insist that the anti-Trump, liberal corporate media and Big Tech used their influence to basically drag Biden across the finish line in Election 2020. “To continue the charade, the White House built a fake Oval Office for Joe Biden in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. They say it’s bigger and provides an area for journalists.

There is no fake oval office in the Eisenhower building. That is a lie...


Biden won 80 million was a landslide. Pirro thinks Joe had to be dragged across the finish line. In fact Trump keeps trying to say there is no finish line.
And you know she is lying because that would not account for all the dead people voting for Joe, huh?