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Captain Fokke
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Like any pork-filled package, I'm sure there is some good and some not-so-good in this bill. Cost of doing business, as they say.

Blessed are the young, for they shall inherit the national debt.
curious just how much of it will wind up as a handout


curious just how much of it will wind up as a handout
This one - an abomination in its own right - is mere peanuts compared to the extremist leftist Democrats’ round 2 offering…which will be rammed through via reconciliation. This second round chunk of cockeyed socialist-marxist slop is hatched largely of “Green New Deal” lineage.

You’d best grab the lube and assume the position.

The only thing more pathetic than the weakling GOPers, wholly incapable of summoning spine and offering resistance is the deranged leftist nutcase Dems who are intentionally destroying America (which will then require a complete remaking and will boast a humbled, helpless, dependent citizenry).

It’s all in the plan. And anyone who thinks Republicans are the good guys is a moron.


The devil is in the details....The only thing we can be certain of, however, is that the answer is not 'zero'.

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When it comes to Democrats their infrastructure is imported voters. Question is will there be enough in there for educating, housing, healthcare, and the basic living expenses for a couple of million until the midterms?

Mr. Friscus

The current GOP establishment never wins anything. Their "wins" are just putting off the Leftist radical agenda and stopping it from succeeding, or minimizing it. Those aren't wins, they're just keeping a stalemate or lessening the blow.

We need Republicans who want to actually win political battles. And boy, the left will not know what to do once things happen to them that they regularly do to others.