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Jan 6 insurrectionists state


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Arrested over the weekend in Colorado. Check out this dumbass.

Gotta love those tipsters. They've been a tremendous help to the FBI.

Sheriff Bill Masters, the local sheriff in Telluride, was able to identify MacCracken after a tipster showed him photos from the FBI that depicted the suspect, court documents seen by Insider state.

Masters knows the suspect "extremely well" and had seen him wearing the same clothes from the photos on "multiple occasions in Telluride."


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Two more arrested in Texas on Monday:

"Footage shows Hazard grappling with U.S. Capitol Police officers as he fell down a set of stairs under scaffolding erected on the west side of the building. Hazard fought with one officer as they were both falling; the officer was knocked unconscious and sustained injuries to his head, foot and arm, according to the Department of Justice.

Denney is accused of launching a large tube at an officer, grabbing a canister of crowd-control spray from another and swinging a long metal pole at a third officer. By 3:12 p.m., he went into a tunnel that leads to the Capitol building, carrying either a baton or a stick, according to court documents. He and other rioters tried to force their way into the building and, on the steps of the Capitol building, he swung his fist at an officer and pulled the officer down the stairs outside the building, court documents say.

The men made comments on Facebook about their participation in the riot, according to court documents. Hazard wrote he “had to fight several cops.” On Jan. 14, he replied to a user in a Facebook comment and said, “I found out the worst I could be facing was a misdemeanor. Now I wish I hadn’t erased my pics and videos.”
I always like to get a look at their faces.
Donald Hazard, 43 and Lucas Denney, 44