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Justice for J6 rally


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Here's some good advice for Dems from a former Repub.

Jennifer 'pro-voting' Rubin

Ds must tie all Rs to the lies they have enabled and the ludicrous stunts of the former president. Candidates for office who remain allied with an authoritarian movement led by a crackpot should expect to be mocked, shamed and denounced.

Opinion | How Democrats can capitalize on the MAGA crowd’s frequent humiliations
Flop after flop should encourage Democrats.

5:53 PM · Sep 19, 2021


Hey I predicted it would be a dud, that they would mill around like a bunch of sheep, have a circle jerk and go home to mommy and the basement - now who was right ! Sane people know they are all blow and no show when real ammo is being used, no one will really die for the greatest loser - it's all bs talk and keyboard boasts.
I predicted that too. The hysterical narrative being floated by the fascists on the left that the right somehow supported the Jan 6th riots was a bald face lie, and now here is the proof.