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Kamala Harris Said She Knows Nothing About Border Children Conditions

She shockingly claimed she didn’t know anything about children being held in cages with nowhere to sleep or shower. So she's the only one in America who hasn't heard about it (probably the biggest news story in America). Her Sect of Homeland Security knows about it. Sect Mayorkas has been calling for help for an overwhelmed border.

Not doing much of a job of being Vice-President. Of course it was a dodge-lie. She knows as much as any of us, and probably considerably more. So now somebody who claims to not know about the border crisis, is being put in charge of it. Somebody who once said she was in favor of decriminalizing illegal border crossing. This is precisely the person to not be put in charge of this mess.

And another question is glaring. When she claims that shows knows nothing about border children conditions, why then does Biden place HER in charge of what she openly claims she knows nothing about ? Just another example of the cluelessness the executive branch is reeking of these days.

Kamala Harris was in a full blown panic when the press asked her one simple question - Right News Wire
The first few months of the Biden administration have been anything but stellar. Biden has been kept from speaking to the press by his handlers for fear that his mental deterioration will be even more evident to the American public. And now Kamala Harris was in a full
She's visiting central American countries - good way to avoid going to the Mexican border where she's supposed to be. So what's next ? The Virgin Islands ? Cuba ? Spain ? France ? Italy ? Maybe she'll embark on a worldwide tour (Hillary Clinton style) wining & dining with foreign dignataries, and seeing the sights (the farther from the Mexican border, the better)