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King Midas & Queen Hillary: A Few Questions

I have a few questions for King Midas the Hero of Islam commonly known as Goat Boy and the most corrupt woman on the planet Queen Hillary. First a few questions for Goat Boy.

1. Why did you say over 32 times no boots on the ground in Syria and now you send 50 special operations soldiers to northern Syria?
2. During your recent closed door meeting with the director of the FBI, did you tell him not to charge Oueen Hillary?
3. When the commissioner of the IRS is impeached and he spills the beans on you, what lies are you going to provide us all with?
4.How do you view yourself, as a liar or just a common criminal?
5. How involved were you in the design and implementation of the ponzi scheme called Obama Care?
6. King Midas, how is it that everything you touch turns into crap?
7. Just how corrupt and dishonest is your Justice Depatment really?
8.With regard to your failed foreign policy, do you have contengency plans for Putin and the Russians or are you so indecisive that they pretty much have won the deplomacy battle in the ME?
9. Once you leave the White House do you plan on joining a Islamic Radical terror group?If so which one?
10. Exactly how many Islamic prayer rugs do you really own?
Last question:
11. When your college records are exposed and we find you atteneded these Ivy league schools as a foreign exchange student how are you going to explain this fact?

And now on to Queen Hillary.

1. Your political platform involves over 18 trillion in additional spending for all that free stuff. How do you plan on paying for all of this? OPPS redudant question. Higher taxes.
2. When you lied about Benghazi and the murder of Vince Foster. Which lie was a bigger whopper?
3. If you are elected as our next president how much money do you think you can extort for your personal foundation?
4. If elected are you going to put Bubber in charge of the young female interns?
5. Have you ever told the truth?
6. Do you really believe you are above the law or is it that there is a different set of rules for you because you are a Klinton?
7. You said recently that you will provide illegals with welfare and free health care, including housing, food, and higher education, do you have a clue what this will actually cost?
8. When Isis makes assaination attempts on your life are you willing to negotiate with them or just buy them off?
9. Once you distroy the economy do you have an alternate solution or are we all just screwed?
10. Just how much free stuff can we all line up for?

Thank You. Those of you on the far left may know the answers to these questions and it should be very entertaining reading your answers.
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Trump 2020
Obama is a liar.
That answers most of the questions.
And YES I am certain that Obama not only told the FBI director to leave Hillary alone (because if Hillary goes down so does Obama).

Hillary is a bigger liar than Obi (if that is possible) so don't even bother asking her questions.