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Law of the Land


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Robot national religion cross conditioned as seems this Christian Nation "man is God" SCOTUS granting standing to thieving US Constitution Federal Lynching KKK churchstate of hate fiefdom Mengele "Angel of Death" baptize thine eyes by urinations arsonists to protect & serve those burning Bush's 9/11 Islam "death to the infidels" flying carpet terrorists follows the pattern of SCOTUS Christiananlity pedophilia granting standing to West Nazi Germany Virginia KKK thieving a Navy Hospital US Constitution as arsonists to protect & serve their thieving old glory - old testament arsonists 30 years earlier just as SCOTUS granting standing to that Papal contingent of thieving US Constitution arsonists baptize thine eyes by urinations to protect & serve that Catholic Church "serve the Pope or die" day of assassination of JFK.....