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Let's listen to some cheesy retro before disco

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I just made a fool of myself!

I bought two tickets this morning, row 6 center stage on the aisle to see Journey and Toto here in Tulsa Mar. 31, 2023.

Tryin' to feel young....

It was a good concert. I had seen Journey a few times back in the day. I wanted to see Toto. Although I knew that it wouldn't be the same after all these years, I wanted to see David Paich and Bobby Kimball sing 'Africa' knowing that at least one would be absent.

What a bitch that both were!

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I'm kinda in a soft rock mood today. I know that this song is after disco had its heyday but....


And after all these years, who's better together to share their music to help me along the way today other than Dan Fogelberg and Glenn Frey?


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