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Likely over 100k new infections today. More than the next two countries combined.

Bugsy McGurk

Blacks are now GOP'ers
Check out the 2020 electoral map. The Trump/red states are the same states seeing the biggest spikes in Covid infections. Some of which have very few black people.

You just can’t “blame the blacks.” Sorry.


The GOP and its supporters trying to blame the problem of immigrants is the kind of racism that flourishes in that party.

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Unelected Resident Joe let illegal aliens in America with NO Coronavirus screening, no masks and no vaccinations. Then he bussed them to other parts of the country, which by the way is a fcking Crime.

Your post is bullschit as usual.


Supporting Member
Like this guy - I hope he ultimately gets to DC (the White House even):

Billy Prempeh - Billy Prempeh on Tucker Carlson tonight | Facebook

That is what we need more of in politics!
Could be a Mr. Smith goes to Washington moment

I delivered a load of tires to East-Orange, NJ something like40 years ago and I couldn't believe what I saw, 100 city blocks and not one window in a building, looked like something from a WWII movie set (btw_ I did drive an 18 wheeler) Joe lied


Rebuild With Biden!
You know the answer….

Because this surge is driven by the winger covidiots who refuse to be vaccinated for moronic political reasons advanced by GOP cult leaders.

It's not a pretty way to describe them -- but they have been called grave diggers.