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Listen to anti-maskers sound off....try not to laugh


Ending Racism with or without Hillary
The only problem with that...... where are you going to find intelligent people on the right?
Where are you going to find people on the left who know proper sentence structure?

And you wonder why no real person takes you seriously.



Hehe. “Anti-maskers”. “Anti-vaxxers”. “Climate deniers”. “Flat earthers”.

Don’t you just love the science-illiterate leftists…who cannot even affirm existential rudiments like gender and pronoun… as they sneer at others they couldn’t hope to match…ever…in any productive pursuit.


I understand that the factual information is inconvenient for you, but at least I haven't stooped to name-calling or vulgarity.

Why you continually degrade yourself is a mystery,
Imagine a senior citizen old lady not only talking like that…but committing it to writing. Parental failure is a life sentence for some it seems.

sensible don

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SO NOW THE ANTI MASKERS/ ANTI VAXERS ARE ATTACKING HEALTH CARE WORKERS. Great I hope they take your picture and post it all the hospitals so when you come in they will wheel you right out the back door - screw their oath ! You people must have a death wish as when you confront these people they have the right to defend themselves - but you already know that since you all are walmart rambos.


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It is FASCIST to make a person wear a mask against his/her will.

Kinda like THESE images of victims of Democrats of the past.
View attachment 66086
Clearly those are victims of religious repression perpetrated by the fascist right wingers in Germany...A political movement that was built around increasing profits for banks and manufacturers, building a huge military machine, implementing the murder of non-white, non-christian citizens of occupied countries as well as Germany itself.

Meanwhile, who are your allies on the right?