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Lupe's birds and fish

Constitutional Sheepdog

Love it. I'm willing to bet that aquarium with the lights low and a nice adult beverage and some smooth easy jazz is relaxing.
I also see you have hummers that visit you.

Constitutional Sheepdog

Just remember a 90 gallon tank takes a lot of work to keep the fish healthy and looking crystal clear we have often thought of getting rid of it over the last 5 years but we got the Led light set for ourselves for Christmas they ain't cheap and we have been inspired by it to keep the aquarium up
I know that's why I will never own an aquarium. I wished I have always wanted one. I have thought about getting one of those fake ones :D
Where are you located central America? We have your birds and we want 10 million for their return. :D
Bo is a Nanday Conure native to Brazil and Argentina and are abundant in fact escaped and released birds have made colonies in the wild in Florida and south Texas.
Luca is a Quaker Parrot also native to Brazil and Argentina and are in no way endangered there are 3 or 4 wild colonies within 10 miles of our house and there are even wild colonies in NYC

Valentino the Patagonian is native to Argentina and Chile and recently there has been concern about them they breed well n captivity and I think loss of habitat is their main danger.
I also have a white capped pionus native to Peru I do not know about them to say one way or another. As I get some better shots of the other birds I will add them to the thread
What kind of stuff do they say?
Lots of stuff
Valentino says whatca doin? Kiss kiss, good, come here, he says hello when the phone rings
Blue a quaker sings rock a bye baby all the way to when the wind blows. He also says "you made a mess" when you sweep around his cage. I am trying to get a good shot of him but he doesn't want to pose.
Luca calls my son by name and when mrs H. Is getting ready to go out he often makes a cat call whistle sound.
Bo doesn't talk he sits on me every morning for about an hour an rubs his head on my chin while I drink coffee. He is doing that right now.
Sienna, a white capped Pionus who also won't pose for me only says pretty bird.
So far I haven't been able to teach the fish to say anything.
I will add the other birds when I get good shots of them
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This is Sienna she is mean and not friendly. Her first years were spent in neglect and she is blind in one eye because of it. She bites hard and her only redemption is she looks really pretty when she flies, the other birds are mean to her. If I could find someone that would care for her I would give her to them but my heart tells me no one would care for her like we do. Even though she is mean I think she is happy at Lupe's house. She is a white capped pionus native to Peru.image.jpg
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