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Marjorie Taylor Greene Trump Faces Insurrection From 'Real MAGA'- ahhh you gotta love it!

sensible don

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So the cult base is turning on the Queen/ King - whatever it is. So it only took you culitists what, 3-4 years to figure it out? hahahahahahahahahaha

Bannon said get her challenged, along with cauliflower ears Gym Jordan - amiright?

Marjorie Taylor Greene Faces Insurrection From 'Real MAGA' (

Some of Greene's supporters also found her backing of McCarthy a betrayal, with Infowars viewers accusing her of being a "fraud"—and forcing her to defend herself by saying she was "still the same person."

Greene's loyalty to McCarthy through the process of negotiating the debt ceiling deal, as proven by Bannon's message, as proven by Bannon's message, is likely to expose the Georgia Republican to further backlash from extreme MAGA Republicans.

All U.S. House districts, including Greene's seat—Georgia's 14th congressional district—will be holding elections in 2024. Greene has held on to her seat for the past couple of years, since first taking office on January 3, 2021.


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Pretty odd turn of events. The Queen of MAGA is going Mainstream. lmao!