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Media-Education-Entertainment Complex


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Tom Tancredo zeros in on the academy but he stops short of calling Barack Taqiyya a traitor:

A French novelist has just won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature for his lifelong study of the effects of the Nazi occupation on French society. The Nazis occupied France for only four years, but the American left has occupied our universities for 40 years. Will some American novelist study the effects of Marxism’s occupation of America’s state universities? Don’t hold your breath:


The leftist “transformation” of our society begins with a transformation of self-image and self-understanding as an oppressive society and not a free society. That requires control of American education, and that transformation is well under way.


President Obama’s articulate espousal of that progressive worldview has provided inspiration to a legion of academicians laboring to advance the same worldview in our educational institutions. That worldview has been the conventional wisdom among university faculty and administrators for two or three decades, and dissenters have been purged from college classrooms. Now that orthodoxy and that purge are heading to our K-12 classrooms.

The only question is, will local citizens resist and defeat that takeover? That battle is lot harder when local citizens are fighting the “consensus” voiced not only by the academic establishment but the president of the United States as well.​

Obama's most amazing achievement
Published: 10/10/2014 @ 6:41 pm

Education industry brainwashing is only one prong of the attack on the American people. The media-education-entertainment complex has been the most destructive force in America since television became a piece of furniture in every household (late 1940s). Stopping the academy is most important to be sure, but it only thrives and expands its influence because there are so many well-co-ordinated attacks underway from other directions. In addition, the media can, and does, openly defend the education industry as though it is a good thing, while media propagandists employ

newspeak (noun)

Deliberately ambiguous and contradictory language used to mislead and manipulate the public.

to champion open-borders, abolish America’s sovereignty, give aid and comfort to the enemy, the loss of property Rights, loss of freedom of speech, loss of freedom of religion, and importing deadly diseases to name a few battles that obscure the education industry’s part in the war; a war that far too many Americans fail to recognize. In simple terms: Democrat party issues taken in the aggregate end in Communism. The academy is a primary component contributing to the aggregation. (Democrats campaign against “cuts in education” as though they are defending the Constitution itself. How many Democrats do you see openly campaigning for any one of the few items I listed?)

NOTE: Education industry tax dollars are used to pay for industry’s training programs, yet it is the parasite class demanding free college educations who complain the most about corporate welfare.

Finally, The media is funded with tax deductible advertising dollars that are passed on to the public through higher retail prices and the tax on income. The entertainment industry; i.e., Hollywood movies, fictional TV shows, etc., get additional tax dollar funding through subsidies and tax breaks. The education industry’s treason is funded by property taxes at the state and local levels, and the income tax at the federal level. So even if the XVI Amendment is repealed the education industry’s tentacles will continue to strangle the nation.