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More "Build Back Whiter"...race Marxism in the health field.


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  • Activists in the medical field are urging doctors to prioritize patients on the basis of race to resolve racial disparities in health outcomes.
  • Doctors who question this practice or suggest that personal choices drive racial health disparities are punished and silenced.
  • The highest institutions of medical research, including organizations in the federal government, are pushing a radical, racist ideological takeover of medicine.
The Biden administration proposed giving bonus payments to physicians who acknowledge systemic racism as the primary cause of health differences between racial groups and incorporate so-called “anti-racism” into their medical practices.

How Activists Are Hardwiring ‘Race Marxism’ Into The Medical Field (

This is sad. Biden is paying extra for Doctors to create racism and to segregate medicine based on race.

Do you support Biden's racism?