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Under the Democrats and Republicans watch, together, they have subverted and abrogated our Bill of Rights and Constitution, in the worst way possible! It was under a Democratic President that the BIGGEST conspiracy in America, and Internationally, took place, when the Democrats and Republicans pissed on the citizenry by allowing the private Oligarchs, (that now rule this country via it's monetary system), to control it through its purse strings. That biggest conspiracy, being the creation of the Federal Reserve, was begat by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and as gone unchecked since 1913! Furthermore, the Democrats and Republicans also allowed the population of this country to become the Oligarchs slaves through a permanent income tax and enforcement agency to collect it with the creation of the IRS! We have since become a country plundered and until Ron Paul spoke up about it, no one as endeavored to do anything about it!
Clearly, the Democrats and Republicans, who have done NOTHING but vote themselves largess, have no plans on the table to disembowel the Fed and have "together" created a supposed "two party" system which has successfully locked out third party candidates from running unless they are extremely wealthy!
It is nothing short of insanity to vote for continuing to vote for a Democrat or Republican and expect different results! While Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are a refreshing distraction, it won;'t matter if either one of them become President as long as they do so under the Republican or Democratic banner. They will still be minions of the Oligarchs tat really run America!