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More super-brazen anti-white racism in Sacramento CA

Black businesses telling people to "Buy Black". No white business would be allowed to get away with this. Black privilege is everywhere. And still they fail.

nov 26 2019 Ayisha Ransom-White knows how hard running a successful small business can be, especially for African American owners like herself.

So this Black Friday, she and a coalition of local black entrepreneurs are calling on shoppers to turn out for Shop Black Friday Sacramento, a two-day bazaar where more than 100 vendors — the majority of them black-owned businesses — will sell their products and services at the African Market Place on Florin Road. The slogan for the event is simple: “Buy Black. Build Black. Support Black.”

“We’re making money with our inventory sales, we’re passing out business cards, marketing our businesses,” Ransom-White said. “Reaching our target demographic — and at a more reasonable price.”