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No mask, no fly


* See DC's list of Kook posters*
As you know, those plane passengers were all vaccinated and they were flying when the CDC was saying vaccinated people could remain close together without masks. Thereafter, it was learned that vaccinated people could both catch and spread the disease. In addition, the Delta variant has since emerged.

So, those same plane passengers today would no doubt wear masks due to those changing conditions, but you just pretend that conditions have not changed.

The usual winger intellectual dishonesty.
1. CDC say it all ok if vaxxed.

2. CDC says vax don't work.

Got it...Well said.

God of War

Lets go Brandon!
From this thread I've learned from your fellow repubs that masks are simply political therefore they're not necessary to wear under any circumstances.
Masks work. I wear them.

I wash my hands. Keep my distance. Take the vitamins. Disinfect the groceries.

By March/April of next year at the latest, if the vaccines didn't screw this up, I'll be free again. I'll catch low level covid and this strain will be in the rear view mirror fading fast.

This is the ultimate IQ test with life on the line. We all choose our way.