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Nothing Warms My Heart Like This

Oh stop being no naïve. No one is stealing from the "young". I am paying SS just as you, and I do not consider myself young. I fully plan to collect my SS, as I have paid in since I was 16. Of course, my hubby and I plan to retire 6 years BEFORE our SS kicks in.
What are you? Some sorta liberal? Taxes that will never see again are theft.


I am not advocating for ending the employer side of social security taxes. Just put that directly in a saving account I can control and I will be better off than the current system.
You’ll be better off if the old and disabled aren’t tossed off the social stage without a safety net.


Great, we put an end to social security, and the mortgage interest deduction and I think we'll be square. Until then I will continue to advocate for Bernie because f*ck the oldes.
Sanders says we should keep social security. If you hate old people and you want to rob them of their social security, you should be supporting Trump.
Thanks to 75 years of stealing from the young.

Now, don't forget just how alike your student loans are relative to those homeowner's bank loans in the tanking of 2007-08.

The banksters got the blessings of socialism, begging for it to the high heavens, and they got to sell those houses yet again.
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