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Nothing Warms My Heart Like This

I'm tempted to hold my breath (as the saying goes) in positive hopes of that happening.

But then @ObamacareForever would be pissing on my grave 'cause it ain't gonna happen overnight.
I say rip the bandaid off fast. But then it has been 7 years already since this post linked below.

When did you get his financials? You master hack them from the IRS and his accountants sitting in your James Bond villain's lair? Or did you rely on Communist News Network reporting. ha ha
He's got that brand of psychic power all the leftnuts seem to think they have.

It's like the way they feel when they "stand up" on behalf of minorities. LOL



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Dave Ramsey is a joke. His pathological aversion to debt is bad just economics. Debt is a tool, like a hammer. He is scared to use debt like some people are frightened of hammers. He advocates letting your feelings about debt cloud your judgement.
He knows debt is a hammer that could down on you like a bag of rocks due to unexpected circumstances.


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What you know of employers is laughable :)

You need something to warm the heart, when I left Louisville this morning it was 16* with 5* wind chill...…...