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Olympics: USA Wins 2 Matches Already

I turned the TV on today rather aimlessly. I hardly ever know what's going to be on, and I just flip through the channels hoping to get lucky with something interesting. I got lucky. The first channel I saw was the summer olympics.

It was the USA vs Qatar in men's volleyball. I kind of like watching this game. Unlike soccer, where there is hardly ever any scoring , volleyball has constant scoring, and each point is very important, since it only takes 25 points to win a set. First team to win 3 sets wins the match.

The US men's team beat Qatar, and advanced to the next level.

After this, the entire women's volleyball match came on. It was the US vs Puerto Rico. The girls played tough on both sides. Very intense action. The USA prevailed, sweeping Puerto Rico 3-0. I was impressed with the athletic agility of these competitors, especially they way they go after shots you'd never think they could get to, and then keep the ball in play.

I was also impressed with their looks too. Well, it's not too hard for them to look good, being young and in top athletic shape. I noticed some of the Puerto Ricans girls were pretty cute too, like Alexandra Oquedo, Yarimar Rosa, and Natalia Valentin. As with all the althletes, they are all in great physical shape. I'd like to see what they look like in a party dress, going out on the town.

PS - How can the US be playing Puerto Rico ? Isn't Puerto Rico part of the US ? Almost seems like if the US were playing Florida.