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OMG, Soros is part of the Biden Admin


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Looks like lefty is now resorting to “foreign money donated = American money donated.

Give him long enough, lefty hangs himself. Go figure.
Foreign money is the lefts lifeline

Exactly, it's why the PJ left get triggered when Hunter is mentioned
and jack the thread to whataboutism, it's the only defense they have and they know what's fixing to happen.
Are George Soros' Billions Compromising U.S. Foreign Policy? (
Eh, you claim to have an MBA and can't find the foreign money
No wonder you have to change jobs so often, after hired employer learns you are full of shit or read here "[Unwelcome language removed] the employer before they fvck you"
Quit putting links out there with no context. Where is this foreign money we are talking about?
Spell it out for me, because your argument is completely incomprehensible at the moment.


Compared to donations made from a man that made his millions from the tabloid National Enquirer which was upgraded to Fox N3wz.

Too damn funny!
Yep. Lefty is now arguing the merits of foreign investment in American elections/politics.

That was easy enough.

When you stand on goo…tethered to nothing transcendent…this is what we get. Thanks for chiming in.