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One of Trump's very best ideas.


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Sure I have a space in your head. :p Post after post in which you bring me into the discussion. It is all good….I get it. SuperLee is good at getting under your skin. You are free to keep on excusing President Biden for his serious issues. And I am free to keep pointing them out to you.
Yes, you are free to continue to express your criticism of Biden. He is also free to point out how you avoid comments on Trump's very obvious criminal actions.
See how that works?


Foreign aid should be foreign loans. If there is a catatrosphe like a flood or earthquake I can see giving financial help to another country but enabling them to fight another country should be on them. It is not our responsibility to make everything better for everyone else.
The Latin American Debt crisis (loaning poor neighbor countries money at interest they could afford to pay back ) was what kicked off the rise in our illegal immigration through to today. You don't get your money back. You get economic refugees from the conditions you created in those countries.

Not surprising Trump wants to redo their lost decade.