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Only In America!!!

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If you have not heard yet Roseanne Barr is running for President on the Green Party ticket. Now that has to be the biggest joke outside Newt thinking he will be the GOP to run against Obama!!!

They said 2012 is suppose to be the last year for humanity, and with Barr running for President make me wonder if it is?

Also with Barr running on the Green ticket has made that third party ticket into a pathetic joke. I mean it would be like the Libertarian party taking Obama as their choice for President!!!

My mind wonder how many ignorant freaks will vote for Barr, and if they do shouldn't they be tested to find out what they smoked to cause them to do something that stupid?

Well the real kicker would be Barr becoming President, and then I know God must be smoking Crack because the Devil wouldn't be that stupid to let that crazy nutter into power!!!

God Help us from the nuts that believe they should be President because it is bad enough to have Romney, Newt, and Obama as our choice but we should never entertain someone like Barr!