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Philly residents protect store from looters: 'We stand with peaceful protesters,' not rioters

Marcus Aurelius

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South Philadelphia residents are uniting to put an end to looting and rioting in their community amid the nationwide protests against the death of George Floyd, Stand Up South Philly founder Anthony Giordano explained Tuesday.

In an interview on "Fox & Friends" with host Ainsley Earhardt, Giordano stated that his organization mobilized against the crime because they are "just tired."

"We are fed up with the crime and the revolving door in the criminal justice system, the looting, and the rioting," he asserted. "This was not protesting that was happening in Philadelphia and around the country. This was looting and rioting and criminal behavior. And we were not going to stand for it."

Giordano's Facebook group -- which he created in January -- now has almost 11,000 members.

On Saturday, Floyd protesters in Brooklyn, N.Y. defended a Target store from looting as clashes between protesters and police escalated further.

"The rest of the city saw what we were doing," Giordano pointed out.

Giordano told Earhardt that after their first couple of confrontations with looters, they were informed the perpetrators would shift their focus to different areas of South Philadelphia.

"South Philadelphia is a tough neighborhood. We are strong here. We are blue collar. We mobilized all the neighborhoods. I was in and out of every neighborhood yesterday making sure everything was fine," he said. "We were being circled at some point. They wanted to get into that Target. We refused to let them get into that Target. And, South Philly stood strong yesterday."


More of this, please.


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Yeah, that was on the news today.. it's spreading. THis morning armed business owners were videoed armed on rooftops in the Girard corridor area, Kensington area, etc..


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South philly is rough. GOtta know what bar to walk into and on what corner... it's who you know..