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Poem to Fairsheet


In another forum, I believe in March, Fairsheet stated that he didn't remember when he had last been to church--or something to that effect. I told him that I thought I could dig a poem out of his post.

Here is what I posted:

Fair, after some digging I came up with this:

Farewell to Fairsheet

Bless me Father for I have sinned
Ain't been to church since I don't know when
I'm not neglecting the confessional booth
I'm just too damn lazy, to tell you the truth.

Since you'r a Father
And know quite well
Some go to heaven
And some go to hell.

I've sinned a lot
But wrote it all down
I've got five volumes
Which I'll bring around.

If I don't bring them in
So I can be forgiven
I'll rely on Last Rites
To get me to heaven.

When I pass over
I know quite well
If I see old Red Cloud
I'll know I'm in hell.



Proof, love of mankind transcends religion, when it's all said and done, that's the main message, whether or not you have the apps for it!


Great poem RC!



Well I think it is a comfort to me to know you will be there throwing the party when I arrive - unless I get there first. ;)