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POTUS is pretty cool


I've riffed on this before, so please bear with me. I married my wife and kids back in 1986. I wasn't well-disposed towards Pres. Reagan (nor am I today), so one day at the dinner table, I referenced him personally and negatively in front of the kids.

My wife - who didn't like Reagan any more so than I did - called me out on that. She hinted at how important it was for our children to respect the presidency in general, more than they did specifically.
Please explain the," I married my wife and kids back in 1986.";)


"Trust, but Verify"
Come on OICU. You are better than that. Admit it, that is a great picture.
i have no problem with it...

it presented me with an opportunity to make a joke..humor is subjective..

othere than that,,its a better picture of a pres. doing something "real" than i have seen in a while...


"Trust, but Verify"
kids love our president!

these beautiful girls were from Girl Scout Troop 2612 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and participated in the 2014 White House Science Fair where they presented their project: a Lego bridge that was completely flood-proof.

some kids do, some kids dont..kinda like the rest of the global population..