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Proof the Pandemic Was Engineered by Fauci & Pals---

Lance Freeman

Council Member
Here's another video expose' that shows Anthony Fauci plotting with other health officials, in 2017, to create a Pandemic using an Avian (mRNA) Flu strain borrowed from China and enhanced to be more virulent. This is proof-positive that this health crisis was deliberately engineered by Rockefeller agents, aided by the National Institute of Health (NIH), a division of Health and Human Services (HHS), which was headed by Anthony Fauci:

Fauci, HHS officials discuss using new virus from China to enforce universal vaccines in footage

Question: Why is this criminal, Fauci, still walking around, giving the nation orders about what to do? Why is he still promoting masks, when it has been proven that masks don't work?

Folks, in reality, this is not about the Covid-19 mRNA strain; that's not the real threat. The real threat comes from the vaccines, which disrupt the normal functioning of the human body with gene altering DNA and other harmful substances, like Graphene Oxide and Spike Proteins.

Doctors and politicians are creating human mayhem in America and calling it healthcare. These psychopaths, with advanced degrees, are now on a murder rampage, but instead of pointing guns at people, they are wielding hypodermic needles. Doctors are being asked to piss on their Hippocratic Oath, and threatened if they don't. To save their skins, they choose to follow orders and prescribe the killer 'Fauci Protocol' to their Covid patients. Since last year, these compromised doctors have been falsifying the Covid death numbers and passing those numbers on to the CDC for public dissemination. For two years in a row, the American people have been taken for a wild ride into the Twilight Zone and fed lies and deceit.

By requiring companies and hospitals to force their employees to take the vaccine, and to fire them if they don't, the Biden clique is killing off the working class and turning them into dependents, living off hand-outs and the kindness of strangers. Millions have now lost their jobs to the vaccines and will not be able to find work without proof of vaccination. This is a horror show, but no one is seriously challenging Biden, who has now taken on the trappings of a Dictator. I sense that worse is yet to come this Autumn and Winter, if Biden is not removed from office. The damage he has already done is irreparable, in my opinion; America will never be the same again, no matter what the future brings.

I fear that such future foresees food shortages, a breakdown of the supply chain, rolling black-outs (because of Biden's mismanagement of our energy situation), a strong possibility of war, and martial law for America.

America's hidden rulers are determined to destroy and humble it, in order to usher in the Luciferian Dark Age, which they call the 'New World Order'. The fact that our vaunted military has not budged to give either the American people a reprieve, or to stop the Biden madness, tells me that our military leaders have been bought and compromised, and that our journey into the Twilight Zone has only just begun.
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Lance Freeman

Council Member
Well, at least one Senator in Congress has the guts to stand up and fight---

Sen. Rand Paul: "It's Time for us to Resist. They can't Arrest All of us."

But one man by himself can do little against the Biden-Pelosi-Gates murder machine. He might be able to if he had some support among the people, but there is nobody out there to back him. This is mind-boggling considering all that has been inflicted on the American people. The Biden regime has put the fear of God into those patriots who had the courage to go to Washington on January 6th, and that is having a psychological effect on the nation's ability to resist. The FBI is hunting those patriots down like common criminals and prosecuting them. But, as Rand Paul says: 'They cannot arrest all of us'.

Folks, the United States is the last bastion of freedom and liberty. If it falls, like Australia and Canada have fallen, the whole world will cave. End of story. Have you been paying attention to what is happening in Australia and Canada? That is your future unfolding there. Go look at it.

Lance Freeman

Council Member
Remember folks, those Fauci/Gates vaccines are going to save the world. Your government is making them available to you and your children for free. Free. You better take a shot if you wish to be a good citizen, and not be a danger to your community. You don't want to be a 'Typhoid Mary' walking around infecting other people. And don't forget to turn in your neighbor if you suspect that he, or she, is deliberately avoiding the vaccine. We want all citizens to participate in this campaign to wipe out Covid:

COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Injuries-5 (Compilation)