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Putinite..mysteriously falls down several flights of stairs..

God of War

Lets go Brandon!
Looks to me like he was no longer a pro-Putin oligarch.
Gerashchenko is rumoured to have fallen out with Putin's inner circle, leading to him being forced from his position as rector seven years ago.
You have no idea who is killing who. I pointed out who else might be doing it for their own motives. But I know this is beyond your capacity to indulge (i.e. injected ballots) because of strict linear thinking.


Staff member
No you haven’t. All you do is bitch about what I post. Including bitching about people having a laugh.
i've been quoting your own posts back to you..dont pout. waffling with the winds..

nuclear war risk..ukraine.. bad.. taiwan..a ok. defend ukraine..nope. taiwan.. yup.

you're a joke, and should be treated as such/