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Q T's funeral


Captain Fokke
Supporting Member
May she rest in peace.

Anny's funeral

Fri 8/5/2022 8:47 AM

The Funeral of
Ostarra Ann Langridge

Will be on 12th August 12th at 2.30 pm
St Botolph’s Church Hardham, Pulborough RH20 1LB
All are invited to return to Anny’s house with us afterwards
3 Brookview Coldwaltham Pulborough Rh20 ILU

You are also welcome to meet at Brookview shortly before the service.
We will be leaving to follow the hearse at 2.20 pm

If you would like to send flowers please do so by 11 am on August 12th
W. Bryder & Sons, The Gables, Tillington, GU28 9AB​