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Why do Swamp Creatures insist on supporting this country’s destructive cultural influence?

Heather Kaye’s praise of China’s education system overlooks how it forces propaganda on young minds.

Our educational system forces propaganda just as readily as China does

Stop me if you heard it. I have a political opinion, I'm an educator and a large university, I will tailor my curriculum to reflect my opinions in my opinions only. Everyone who does not share in my opinion is my enemy or should be regarded as less than.

That's propaganda, also


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Education industry parasites gotta love this:

After the Students First Act was passed, Iowa is now the third state to pass a school choice measure that expands to every student in the state.

QUESTION: Which clause in the Constitution gives the education industry tax dollars?

QUESTION: How many idiots in government do not understand this?

Make no mistake about these laws:

They are designed to give organized religions tax dollars.

p.s. Remember her: