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Re-examining process


Our US Treasury creates our money. If that is news to you, if you were somehow unaware of that, then already we have a problem. When Americans do not even understand that their money is created by the US Treasury, which is the financial equivalent of not knowing how to tie their shoes... yeah, that's a problem. Financial ignorance is bliss for the banks, they want you blind and stupid, makes it easy for them to rob you. If you understood even a tiny bit about your money, you might not be willing to let them take it from you. But as long as you are so stupid, you don't even know you are being robbed, then everything's cool.

So, Alexander Hamilton says we need a central bank. And Thomas Jefferson replies, No, stupid, we don't need a central bank, we have a Treasury, just do your job!

If the republic creates its own money at the Treasury, why the hell would it need to borrow money from a bank???? It doesn't.

duh. no, I mean duh.

So, along comes this den of thieves from Wall Street and they steal the currency. And they tell you, don't try to understand what we are doing, it is too complicated for you, don't worry your pretty little head, everything is fine, you might start to get a little poorer and your wages might get stolen and your Treasury might become a debter, but hey, that's alright, don't worry about it. We like what we set up and you need us - soooooo, don't worry be happy.

happy little slaves.

Let's re-examine the process the banks set up for the nation.

First of all, and this is crucial, we are dealing with different parties, you can't have debt between the same parties (the government can't owe itself money, that's not a legal debt, to be a legal debt it needs to be between different entities) so to start with, it is important to understand that the Federal Reserve is not a part of the Federal Government. It is a Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) - AKA - it is a private sector bank. Just another corporation, it has stock holders, a board of Directors, all the usual stuff.

Now, here's where the fun begins, American money is created by the US Treasury, when fiat script is printed up (paper money), the US Treasury is the fiat - the authority that is printing the money. When Congress borrows money directly from other nations, the US Treasury can be out of the loop, not part of that transaction. But when the nation sells bonds to build bridges or fight wars, then those bonds (debts) are sold by the Treasury at auction to the private sector. Those bonds can be redeemed by our money created in the Treasury. The whole idea of a treasury is to create the money supply for the nation.

Now, let's say we want to use debt as the sole means of currency. Why would we want to do that? Well, the only purpose for doing such a thing would be to make slaves out of the entire nation. So, it might be a wonderful idea for whoever is going to be the slave owner, but it is a really stupid idea for the republic to turn itself into a slave camp. That's not to say, the nation wasn't stupid enough to do this.

So, if you want to set up a synthetic bond - a debt for currency that was never created in the treasury - a debt that is on paper only, with no money changing hands - and you want to set it up between the Treasury and the private sector, then automatically, it follows that the currency being created at the Treasury would be owed by the private sector back to the Treasury, right? After all, the banks are not creating this money, they are borrowing it, right?

right? no, I mean right?

Okay, but if the banks secretly drew up the Federal Reserve Act, then they would draw up a reverse bond; so that the money being created by the Treasury is actually owed by the Treasury to the banks. That way, the banks get the bonds, which they use as currency, and get to redeem the bond for more Treasury money. Can't get much better than that, can it? Well, it can if you secretly drew up the currency. So how about, when the bond comes in for redemption, instead of retiring the debt with Treasury money, let's hang it on taxpayers to pay down those bonds. That way the banks get the bonds, use the bonds, then get paid for the bonds as if the bonds were their own, and finally get to enslave the whole nation for the redemption of the bonds, so the banks own everybody with their own money, which now belongs to the banks. There's another slick method that was employed to steal our wages to redeem the bonds, but that's another post.

So, stealing the Treasury blind was not enough, the banks also wanted to enslave the nation. Maybe there is something sinister about these banks? ya think?

So we are done, right. The banks robbed the Treasury and the people blind, what else could they want?

Oh, all the money printed in our mints.

Yeah, they want that too.

But it is our money, the banks have no right to it.

That's okay, just print Federal Reserve on the Notes instead of United States and give it to us, we'll pay the printing costs.

Now let me ask you, how stupid are Americans?

Really, really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really, really, really. really, really, really, really. really stupid.

no, I mean really stupid.
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So what if the nation gave up its money and indebted its citizens with its currency by giving away all its money to the banks? We are totally fvcked, right? Nothing we can do, have to live with the system we have, have to live as slaves, right? It's not as though we pay leaders to write legislation to fix the system, nope, nothing we can do, we have to live with it. In America, when something is broke, it is broke forever, it can't be fixed, that would require the government to do their job, mission impossible, the government is totally dysfunctional and likes it that way... so make bricks for pharaoh and STFU.

But hey, imagine if we elected a representative of the people, someone who represents our interests, someone who was willing to fix the system... what could they do? Isn't it totally hopeless? After all, we have fallen, you can't expect us to get back up.

How about if we re-reversed the synthetic bond? You know, created it as a bond owed back to the treasury by the banks? Wouldn't that be just the tiniest bit more intelligent way to create our money? Has it ever dawned on any Americans that the Treasury can draw up its synthetic bond any damn way it pleases? Who creates the bond? The Treasury.

But, but, but, but you say, if we did it the smart way, the GSE Federal Reserve would never buy the bond.... or would they?

hmmmmmmmmmm. Never stopped to think about it, did you? That's okay, neither did the rest of America.

How about those other GSE's like FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC... didn't the Treasury take them into receivership? Gee, if the Treasury is running them, the Treasury can tell them to borrow their god damn money from the Treasury and we can stop giving it away. Hey, you know, that might start something. And just for the helluvit, let's loan it to them for zero interest, that way we can get Federal mortgages at no interest. And while we are at that, let's make the only requirement for those loans, US citizenship and do away with credit ratings.

Hey, wtf? we could have zero interest loans for our homes and have the money go right back to our Treasury, enriching the nation instead of indebting it? Does that mean we could keep our wages and not have to pay unconstitutional "income" taxes?

ya think? no, I mean ya think?
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hey, while we are at it, why don't we take back our mints also? Why not, since they belong to us anyway. Stop printing money for the Federal Reserve and start printing our own damn money in our own damn mints. What a concept. Where did I see that before? Oh yeah, that's what the nation did for 150 years until we gave away the currency to the Federal Reserve.

Hey, ya suppose if we went back to printing our own money, we could loan it out to the banks instead of giving it to the banks and then borrowing it back from them?


wow, that's really crazy, stop giving away our money? Wouldn't the banks stop ruling over us?

yep. but they will get over it. They would just have to get used to being banks again, and stop being world government.

And guess what, the Federal Reserve would buy those bonds all day long that are owed back to the Treasury, cuz that would become the only money available.


Hey, but, but, but, but, hey, wait, if you stopped giving away the nation's money to the banks, it would collapse the military industrial complex, it would end all this global war, wouldn't that be bad for the economy? What would we do to make money? Go back to farming?

Is that what the Bible was talking about, "beating the swords into plows"? Was it just a matter of fixing the money system that is fomenting the wars?

Solomon ran the money wisely, he didn't fight wars, he just traded like crazy. The land was at peace and prospered, is that what the 1000 year kingdom under Christ is supposed to be like?

yep... no, I mean yep.


19 views and one of them is my own... doesn't look like a global takeover yet.

Jesus better have something bigger in mind than just my little posting here... well, you know, I do my small part, he does his big part. Not my job to do his job, I couldn't if I wanted to...

we get a dozen years respite - holding back them angels of war - then we reap what we have sown...

... we have sown the wind and we shall reap the whirlwind.

... make war bonds your only currency and you make a lot of war. Maybe we should have seen this coming when a guy named Warburg drew up the currency?


Okay, so when Christ returns (2035) - with all the saints - to set up his kingdom, the first thing he does is face off with this war machine... that's what Armageddon is all about.

But that doesn't come until after the final 7 years - the end! - after the 42 month testimony of the 2 witnesses of Jesus and after them; the 42 month reign of the 2 witnesses of Lucifer. And prior to that 7 final years (Sep 2028-Oct 2035: how do I know these years? ... gotta add a month for the overthrow of the Beast's govt.) prior to those seven trumpets (resurrection happens at the final trumpet) prior to that world war involving 200 million combatants that kills 1/3rd of mankind, before all that, we get a respite, a calm before the storm, and what happens during this respite? We preach the coming kingdom, wake the planet up, return light to the sons of men, return to the knowledge of the truth.

God has cut short the days of tribulation, otherwise that God awful mess we were making of North Africa and the Middle East would have rolled over the whole planet, but a prince for his own sake and not for reward put a stop to it, turned back the ships of Kittim, baby! (what the hell am I talking about? Russia has a Christian leader and he stopped the winds of war in Syria, brought all our machinations to a grinding halt, now all the world is at peace, even as it is burning with the devastation of war). We just endured a period of great tribulations, the 4th horse, with Death as the rider and Hell following (Look at Libya, hell certainly followed, Libya is now officially a county in Tartarus) ... over a 4th part of the earth.... the southern half of the old Roman Empire for those of you following in the book of Daniel.

Now we get a break, a time for this unique dispensation of the Spirit in which the servants of our God are sealed in the forehead... that's kind of like being taught by the Spirit, being raised up as the coming rulers in the new kingdom of his resurrection. Then the winds of war are released again, right back there where they were stopped; up and down the river Euphrates. Next time it is going to hurt. Chemical warfare followed by nuclear warfare... you can also translate verse 23 to read "a cutting whirlwind"...

Jeremiah 30:23-24

23 Behold, the whirlwind of the Lord goeth forth with fury, a continuing whirlwind: it shall fall with pain upon the head of the wicked.

24 The fierce anger of the Lord shall not return, until he hath done it, and until he have performed the intents of his heart: in the latter days ye shall consider it.