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Reminds me of when Jimmy Carter was President and Biden is worse than Jimmy Carter IMO


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You have white privilege. Want me to list all the ways?

Too bad your GOP doesn't give a shit about those dirt poor white kids.
Yes, post your list_______________________go

Your DNC 'didn't' either nor do they give a shit of poor black kids


LOL you're joking. No.... you're a leftie, I can believe you're that clueless.

The GOP president had a number of things that were working pretty well until democrats decided to ruin our prosperity by shutting down their economies for a year, causing untold misery to millions of people. Now that we have not only a leftie, but a racist senile leftie, in office, Russia is prospering very well now that they get their pipeline while thousands of workers lost their job because Biden pulled ours. Now the southeast is hurting and it's all Biden's fault.
Hundreds of workers whose jobs were always gonna be temporary … turns out those states that shut down production after Trump’s policy choices made it unsafe are having fewer problems with unemployment now, because the economic carnage was caused by the disaster and not by the efforts to stem the effects.