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Reparations Scammers Are At It Again


Here we go again. This time it's in Boston, with a group calling themselves the Boston Task Force on Reparations. And what exactly is their "task" ? The shakedown is aimed at what they call "white churches" (do they have signs posted saying Whites Only ?). They are calling for these churches to shell out money to the "Black Community" and to black churches. Got it ? Money out of white pockets, and into black pockets.

Can't help likening this to a simple street mugging, masquerading as a social justice endeavor, however laughable the MO may be.

This expose' would not be complete without naming names of the screwball scammers pushing this lunacy. They are radically liberal Boston mayor Michelle Wu, who launched the task force in 2022, John Gibbons, a unitarian church minister, and Rev. Kevin Peterman.

According to "Reverend" Kevin Peterman. they're also calling for the city of Boston to write checks and give $15 Billion in >>
  • $5 Billion in cash directly to Boston's Black residents
  • $5 Billion for new financial institutions (you can imagine the guidelines)
  • $5 Billion to address what he calls "racial disparities in education & anti-crime measures"
  • I wonder if Kooky Kenny would include the racial disparities in education that have given blacks first shot at college admissions & college financial aid, in Affirmative Action programs, that have bounced whites & Asians out of careers for the past 59 years. Not a high probability.
16 "religious" leaders signed a letter sent to 4 churches that date back to slavery days, these being >>
1. Arlington Street Church
2. Trinity Church
3. Old South Church in Back Bay
4. King's Chapel in downtown Boston

Well, in the bottom line look at this fiasco, what we have here are a bunch of shakedown scammers talking to what I'm guessing are liberal "white" churches (because conservatives would just laugh at them), and trying to guilt-trip white liberal churches, and Boston city officials, into coughing up money, under the pressure to them of being called a racist.

Nothing seems to be too low anymore for liberals. :icon_rolleyes:



For those thieves requiring a technique less dangerous than holding up convenience stores, this is the perfect solution, in solid blue cities.