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Rest in Peace, CarolJo


Do you feel lucky, Punk
This morning, a very good, kind, and loving woman, lost a hard-fought battle with ovarian cancer.

CarolJo was truly one of the "good ones".

She was a kind soul, with a loving heart, who will be very missed.

Rest in Peace, my friend.
Nah those who inhabit cyberspace will live forever on the wings of the quantum wind. RIP until the next breeze


Agree. Interesting too, how saddened I was at the news of the passing of a person whom I've never met.
I never had the opportunity to meet Caroljo either, but I conversed with her quite a lot. She was a 'zero-pretense', authentic lady. I think it is possible to get to know a person to a significant extent even when the contact medium is just written words - but it really depends on how open and transparent the writers are.
You're right - it is interesting how this can happen. I'm glad for it though. :)


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It is incredibly sad to lose one of the "regulars" here - a reminder that we've been at this a long time and we're all getting older. Last one to leave turn out the lights...
So thankful I got to meet Carol & Family and I'm sure we've lost others we didn't here of....'Pops' comes to my mind...…….I've met MP also and would like to meet more PJ'ers


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Whoever it is better still have their memory, or they won't remember where the damn switch is.
or they'll be so senile that they won't even notice that there's nobody there anymore, and keep on typing away...

Wait, that sounds familiar already...