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Retarded neocon stumbles into justification of Russian invasion of Ukraine...


I feel a bit lightheaded. Maybe you should drive.
I have argued twice before in Real Clear Defense that supporting Ukraine is consistent with our self-interest – keeping the global balance of power in America’s favor – and our values. One of my arguments has been that if Russia had conquered most of Ukraine and incorporated it into its Federation – along with a supine Belarus – this would have increased its manpower, industrial capacity, and natural resources to a level that would again make it a security threat on par with the former Soviet Union. Therefore, as the 21st century continued, the United States would face not one imperial superpower in China and regional power in Russia but two superpowers willing to overturn the current world order in Europe and the Pacific.

Wait, what? So it's okay for us to exert influence over Ukraine (among other eastern European nations) to "keep the global balance of power in America's favor" but evil for Russia to resist that effort by exerting influence over Ukraine to keep the balance of power in their favor??? Why is it that all of the neocon arguments tend to defeat themselves?


Working people are concerned not with which imperialist-led alliance dominates but with the right to self-determination of oppressed nations like Ukraine.