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Rocky mountain serenade in c-minor/deplorable


Rocky mountain Serenade in C-minor./deplorable

She’ll be coughin’ in the coffin cuz you know it’s gettin' close
All the wretchin’ and the wheezin’ and the mucous, man it’s gross
But that’s what happens when Immuno gets deficient yesiree
Please don’t say it till they play it... that’s the dirge in minor c.
Cuz then it jus' won’t make a difference…you can say it with a smile
When th’aint no votin' still a’comin' you can shout if for a mile.
But till then we mind our mannahs…cuz the bitch.. she still can hear.
An you know jus’ what can happen when the bitch she get’s a fear..
But one day sooner if not later she’ll be sleepin' hard and fas’
And she’ll be coughin’ in the coffin underneath the blue-green grass.