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Schools Need Police Teachers

Look at this headline in today's issue of USA Today (largest circulation newspaper in America) >>

How do we stop police from killing Black Americans? We must meet in the 'messy middle.'

Here's how to stop it. Get liberals out of the schools, or put police in them.
Generally, liberals know nothing about guns & law enforcement, and thus do not teach that subject at all. So kids wind up becoming adults who know nothing about police confrontation, most importantly, to keep their hands VISIBLE to the cop at all times. Allow your hands to disappear from his view, and you will be shot. A suspect unfrisked, can reach into a pocket (or car seat) and suddenly point a gun and shoot, in 1/4 of a second. The cop has NO CHANCE to defend himself. This is standard police academy instruction, but unknown to most schoolteachers.

This is why when driving, I keep my license & registration in a folder attached to my sun visor. Never dig into a glove compartment, console, or your pockets to get these things. If you do, and you come out of it alive, you probably don't know how lucky you are.

This goes for anyone of any race. Whites are killed by police (in self defense) quite often as well as blacks and hispanics.

What could help is if schools were to hire police personnel as teachers, to teach classes on law enforcement and public interaction.
This is a LIFE & DEATH issue of extreme importance, that has the least amount of discussion about it. Really, NONE, other than this thread.
I am stating the facts. If a cop stops you and you go into your pockets, you're dead. That is standard police procedure in every police academy in America and you better know it.

NO, you will NOT be fine, if you allow your hands to disappear from the cop's view.
Also, don't reach behind you to pull up your pants, or you likely will be shot instantly as this video shows >>>

First thing police say when they encounter a suspect is "SHOW ME YOUR HANDS"

The 2 rules that keep you alive are >>
1. Keep your hands visible
2. Keep your hands empty

This is standard police procedure taught in the police academies- to shoot when hand(s) disappear, or when an object is in the suspect's hand -and it was also taught to me when I was in the National Guard. (get rid of that cell phone-in dim light scenarios it could mistaken for a gun)
Always remember the cop, has no time to react, to determine if you are holding or reaching for a gun.

Many examples exist of people who did not follow these rules, and thus were shot by police >> Daniel Shaver (video in post # 11), Terrence Crutcher (video in this post), Philando Castille, Donovan Lewis, Jacob Blake, Frederick Holder, Duante Wright, Jenoah Donald, Denzyl Taylor, many others

Officer Who Shot Terence Crutcher Rehired To Oklahoma Police Force
Former police officer Betty Shelby was sworn in as a reserve deputy in her first appearance since her acquittal for the 2016 shooting of Terence Crutcher.

Shelby shot Crutcher when she came across his car parked along the side of the highway, saying he tried to reach into his car window despite her commands not to.
Why don't public schools teach what we NEED to be taught ? Probably because of the cluelessness of public school managers. Can't teach what you know nothing about.

Public schools are a public menace.
Wow. Look at all the attention this thread is getting from the forum (Zero)

While middleview keeps harping about Jan 6 (as if that had any significance), the real significant issue (costing Americans their LIVES), is going unnoticed and unresponded to, right here.
2 MONTHs gone by, and not a single comment besides mine. After all the ranting & raving and protesting about cops shooting unarmed black men, nobody as any interest in this now ? Sure seems odd.