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Sellers Miss the Boat on Black Friday

A very large part of the potential sales for America's businesses, is being lost by a fundamental miscalculation pertaining to Black Friday. The root of the problem may be that Black Friday is a creation of relatively young people (age 25 - 65), who are still in the workforce, and haven't yet experienced life in retirement.

If they had, they would know that a hearty 60% of America, has less than $1000 in the bank. This is even more true of senior citizens, who are living on Social Security and some (typically small) pension income.
These young decision makers may also be unaware that retired people generally receive all their income in the FIRST week of the month. Since these incomes are not too great in size, it is common that by the time the end of every month arrives, seniors have seen their monthly income dwindle to near nothing.

So when do they put Black Friday ? Right at the time when seniors are least able to go out and buy things, sale or no sale. If they were smarter, they would have Black Friday be around the 4th or 5th of the month, with Social Security payments typically arriving on the 3rd of the month. VA pensions arrive on the 1st.