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Sh&t! now Iran is paying bounties, too!!


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Update 2010...Lol
yup. why, waaaay back in 2010 such things occurred. betcha with a dig we'd's always occurred.

not that bounties are exclusive to other nations...

like say..that deck of cards that we bountied to get them terrorists..

what did phil just say..sputter..that the US engaged in it too... yup..

Bugsy McGurk



well one guy tells me cant speak about stuff in the past..


Hey, it made Wikipedia as well:

In 2010, Iran reportedly paid Taliban fighters $1,000 for each U.S. soldier they kill in Afghanistan.[2] U.S. and British officials have accused Iran of giving support and weapons to the Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan.


And appears other places from 2010 as well:

Iran Pays Bounties to Taliban for Dead Americans

It seems the left can't claim this didn't happen. And it would be difficult to claim that Barack Obama wasn't the President in 2010.

They're in a tough spot. Darn the inconvenient facts!



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Uh Radical islamists have been doing it for free for years. You have to be a dunce to think this Russia story was true.
Your choice.
Doubt it's any different from that "serve the Pope or die" bounty pay out after the Catholic Church assassinated JFK . Buying their stairway to heaven....