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Sick, festering, disease ridden raps


Council Member
I'd rather smoke a spliff
than go drinking Coronas, which
you might find odd cause' that's the latest virus and my flow is sick
but what I'm down with I came down with long ago, and since
I'm already so ill, I may as well have both of it
both weed and beer as well, till' I'm stoned and pissed
pissed as in I'm drunk, but angry too and so your throat is slit
I'll cut it open with
a razor blade that's dipped in cobra spit
and slice you slow, then lick
it once you're on the ground motionless
I may be a socialist

but you're the one who's gonna need a safe space
I'll take a shit on you then wipe my ass with your mate's face
I drink a shaman's brew, invoke some spirits, morph and change shape
fly over enemy territory and spit nukes at their main base
I hate the whole human race bas-
-ically the same, mate
so when I erase your people from the face of the earth, don't race bait
I've got an A-rank

yours is the size of a chinese rice-grain flake

armed, with sword

in hand because I've mastered the art of war
I'm a bird of prey, a carnivore
you're just a harlot whore
I will thrash your buttocks then rub in salt till' your arse is sore
then send you to your room and take away your phone and charging cord
on this site most of you are deformed
inbred hicks at large, informed
entirely by Fox News, and other garbage formed
to propagandize you into following retarded norms