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So you don't die stupid

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Eyes wide shut.

We were raised in a totally synthetic world. The fashion, the culture, the science, the money, everything... we were raised with lies. And we believed them.

Now, it remains for each of us to discover the truth, to make the paradigm shift from the lies we believed - accepted as the gospel truth - make the change from a false world that never existed - and finally come to grips with reality.

Who told the lies? Governments. media outlets. propagandists. duped teachers. idiot parents.

Seeing is believing unless what you are watching is a television. News is fabricated... was from day one. A reporter's job is to tell a story, make something up, be entertaining. News. It has to exciting... otherwise it isn't news. What's new? Nothing boring, only exciting stuff is news.

But I think the biggest crime, the Lie that did the most damage, was telling us "we" went to the moon.

get over it. before you die. get over it.

I'm going to post an interview with the movie maker who pressed the issue with the astronauts in person. Bart understands the psychology, not the science. Let me tell you what he doesn't understand... the natural science... the God awful truth of how badly you were lied to.

solar flares:

At our distance from the sun, these events, that last 10-30 hours, can be weak (5-25 REM per hour) or medium (25-50 REM per hour) or strong (50-75 REM per hour) or historic (two weeks before Apollo 17 was the largest CME on record). When you fly at solar maximum, the Van Allen radiation belts are buzzing. The heavy charges are the ions, those protons can last 10 years, so two weeks after the event, they are at full charge. Which means travelling through the Van Allen belts alone could have been lethal.

Apollo 17 flew through 4 minor flares and 5 major flares. Let's do the math and remember, this was at the height of solar maximum... Figure an average of 15 hours per flare @ roughly 15 REM per hour for the minor flares and figure an average of 20 hours per flare @ roughly 45 REM per hour for the major flares and you get a good idea of how large a dosage had to have registered on the dosimeters attached to the outside of the craft. minor flares: 225 REM each x 4 = 900 REM. So the minor flares would have killed everyone on board twice over. major flares: 900 REM each x 5 = 4500 REM. Toss in a couple of trips through the most charged Van Allen Belts in the 20th century and you get a total of roughly 6000 REM (Radiation Equivalent Man = one rad over the entire body; it is a measurement of radiation dosage) So the trip would have killed everyone on board ten times over. However, if they stay in Low Earth orbit instead, they only come into contact with 2 REM, and it is only that high because of solar maximum. Apollo 17 craft dosimeter and space suit dosimeters all read 2 REM. The men experienced the same dosage inside the craft as the dosimeter on the outside of the craft. Conversely, the dosimeter on the outsie of the craft was placed there to make sure they didn't miss any dosage that the ship might have shielded... so we know the craft never left Low Earth Orbit.

Did you know that there was a minor solar flare event the same time Buzz Aldrin was supposedly walking on the moon? Did you know that Apollo 11 returned with 1/7th of one REM on its dosimeters?

Apollo missions all returned with less than one REM, except Apollo 17. So they documented that they all stayed in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). But they didn't advertise it, or talk about it, and they sneered at anyone who did. After you have believed the moon hoax, it is very hard to bring you back to earth.

What was the intent of the fake moon landing, etc?


What was the intent of the fake moon landing, etc?
No different than Covid or 09/11 or the battle that never happened in the Gulf of Tonkin... false flags are the politics of the presidency. How to motivate the nation.

Ever watch the movie "The Wind and the Lion"? Teddy Roosevelt wanted to rival Germany in Morocco. The US has always been close allies with Morocco, but then Germany was shoving their weight around. We needed a reason to fight them. It was all orchestrated.

Roosevelt: "We want Miss Pedecaris alive or Raisuli dead".

Raisuli: "You are a lot of trouble, Miss Pedecaris"
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