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SPACE... you know it's out there


Frederick Pohl wrote a great book about multiple parallel universe......"Quantum Cats" or something like that.

I might just have to read that again.
It was all I could do to get through Hawking's, A brief History of Time. That "layman" guy must be pretty smart.


Rebuild With Biden!
It's about to happen soon. I have been watching on the Science Channel.
I was just thinking how terrible it would be, if either of them started showing symptoms of COVID-19 during their mission.
I am hoping all goes well and they stay well throughout the mission.


Too bad... the mission has been scrubbed until the weekend.
Yep, I watched until the end. Everything is all slick looking now, touch screens in the capsule, tailored space suits. All we need now are Dylithium crystals for the warp drive... :D


We don't have to ask the Ruskies for a ride to the Space Station anymore...

SpaceX sez... Just another launch and booster recovery.

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