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Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue - Woman nearly 60 years old and obese woman

More stupid diversity. More liberal propaganda.

feb 13 2020 Sports Illustrated has introduced its next slate of finalist models for its upcoming swimsuit issue, and a plus-sized model, a 56-year-old model, and a bald fitness trainer will be among them.

The magazine introduced the six finalists that the magazine touted as its most diverse ever. The finalists were winnowed down from seventeen hopefuls unveiled last October, the Daily Mail reported.

Kathy Jacobs from Calabasas, California, is also a member of the group, but at 56 and silver-haired, is an even more unconventional finalist for the magazine’s most glamorous photo-shoot.

Brielle Anyea, 24, is yet another interesting member of the finalists. As a plus-sized model with 113,000 Instagram followers, Anyea insists that she hopes to represent “inclusion” in the magazine’s swimsuit model competition.
The old gal is hot, but I don't agree at all with glorifying fat women. It's unhealthy, and encourages women ignore the health dangers of being overweight.
That's why american and western european aristocrats prefer child sex trafficked young girls, anyone seen Ghilsaine Maxwell? Been a while since Allan Dershowitz had a massage.