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that we spent $1 billion to get BO re-elected sickens me

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that the unions spent almost half of that should give you some clue as to where this country will be headed for the next 4 years.
spent for what? Emergency incomes for striking workers? Rent?

For those of us who don't watch Foxnews nor are dotto-heads, please offer some cites to your assertions to make them convincing.

I have better uses of my time than check out your assertion. I gotta clip my toenails!

Sure, however, sounds better than a losing candidate spending $1b to be President!


Thanks to the Supreme Court, they will make even more in 2014, 2016, and on into the future, America, where election are for sale to the highest bidder.
OG, I believe that the law will be changed to prevent buying of an election. I think even the Supremes realize the consequence of their decision.
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